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Answers to your frequently asked questions about home care services.

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How do we deliver care at Essential Home Care Plus (EHCP)?  ⟩

We are enthusiastic caregivers who deliver high-quality & professional caregiving services that allow our clients to live safely & independently in their own “HOME” regardless of their health conditions. We strongly believe “there’s no place like home”. Essential Home Care Plus’s philosophy focuses on the individual as a whole, not just the health conditions. We are client-centered and focus on fostering a client-caregiver relationship to promote participation in meaningful roles and occupations safely.

Why are we unique?  ⟩

15+ years experience working in the medical field with the geriatric population and occupational therapy background.

Who do we provide care for?  ⟩

We provide private-duty home care services to people of all ages that need assistance with high-quality home care services. We deliver compassionate care to our clients and families, helping them to live independently and safely within their homes. We help make life easier for individuals recovering from an illness or injury, coping with a chronic medical condition, or encountering challenges due to aging. We do all of this in our customers' own homes, where they are most comfortable. Seniors, older adults, individuals with chronic illnesses, and relatives of persons with seniors/persons with disabilities and individuals with special needs/new mothers/working parents/individuals who are injured or Individuals who require recuperative or continuing care.

Our services and schedules are customizable, so whether you or your loved one are looking for assistance for just a few hours a day or around the clock, we can accommodate your needs. During your free In-Home Care Assessment, we’ll work towards addressing these needs and further discuss the services we provide.

Is respite care for the elderly only?  ⟩

No, respite care is meant to provide relief and assistance to many kinds of caregivers providing support and care to their loved ones. Respite care can include those caring for loved ones recovering from surgery, end-of-life care, care for people who have disabilities, and more.

Who pays for respite care?  ⟩

Payment for respite care, similar to any sort of in-home caregiving services, will depend from family to family. For some, it is out-of-pocket or privately funded. Other insurance policies, such as Medicare, can provide partial payment. You will need to speak with your insurance company and your local providers to find out what payment assistance is possible for your family.

What are the respite care benefits for the client and the family caregiver?  ⟩

For the client, benefits include increased socialization, assistance with personal care tasks that are less pleasant for a family to deal with, and allowing clients to maintain dignity.

For family caregivers, benefits include time to take care of their own needs, rest, and peace of mind knowing their loved one is with a trained Caregiver.

What are some benefits of in-home care for loved ones with alzheimer's and dementia?  ⟩

Familiar environments offer a great deal of security. A daily routine helps bring a sense of normalcy. Sensory stimulation can offer positive effects on health. Additional support for the family caregiver.

Who Pays For This Specialized Care?  ⟩

Payment for these additional services, our specialized services that can be purchased on our website. Similar to any sort of in-home caregiving service, payment will depend from family to family. For some, it is out-of-pocket or privately funded.

Payment Methods: Zelle, Cash App,

More payments options are available by completing our referral form, or contacting us at (617) 275-5000.

Can I Change my Schedule?  ⟩

Yes, with advanced notice your schedule is flexible, whether you need more or less assistance Essential Home Care Plus will be there for you.

What is In-Home Care?  ⟩

In-home care includes an array of essential personal care solutions that place in a person’s residence.

These services may be needed due to several factors such as; hospital stay, disability, or chronic illnesses like dementia, low vision, and balance impairment, if required.

What are some examples of benefits of Home Care?  ⟩

Peace of mind: your loved one is receiving personalized and loving care from a professional.

Companionship: Your loved one has someone at home to talk to, this helps reduce loneliness.

Comfort at Home: There is “no place like home.” Your loved one is receiving the highest quality care in their most comfortable environment.

Why should I choose Essential Home Care Plus for my home care needs?  ⟩

Our professional background in the medical field and also our passion to provide highest quality care for our clients. Moreover, we strive to be the extended family when your family can’t be there. Attentive caregivers and affordable care.

Long term commitment?  ⟩

No, We will happily assist you as long or as short as you choose. We require 1-week notice of cancellation.

How do I get started with in-home care?  ⟩

Call us today to request a free in-home consultation.

How often (or how many hours a day) will you be at my home?  ⟩

It varies based on each individuals’ needs. We offer flexible schedules.

Can you provide special needs care for an adult?  ⟩

Yes, we are training to provide care for clients with special needs.

How do I know that I'm leaving my loved one in good hands?  ⟩

Our passion is to meet our clients' needs and help them enjoy life to the fullest; because of that, we work hard to provide a safe and friendly environment for our clients. So you can trust us and have peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

Is homecare safe at a time like this? I am not sure about having someone coming into my home.  ⟩

Homecare is safe. Consider the exposure you or your loved one would encounter simply getting the provisions you would need between the pharmacy and grocery. Essential Home Care Plus caregivers are trained to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 before entering a home. Additionally, they check all clients for symptoms before beginning care.

The CDC and state governments have considered Home Care personnel as essential – as we help seniors and those with medical conditions to remain safely at home by bringing services to their homes. Reducing exposure and helping prevent the spread of the virus are crucial.

By bringing services in and helping populations shelter safely in place, Home Care is helping reduce the stress on our healthcare system as well.

What should my caregiver be doing to help prevent and protect me once in my home?  ⟩

The HCAOA (Home Care Association of America) has set the following guidelines, for which all Essential Home Care Plus workers have been trained.

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Disinfect surfaces routinely
  • Check clients and yourself for fever/symptoms daily
  • Maintain a safe distance always
  • Check in regularly with our agency

Home Care Services to help your loved ones live their best life possible. Stay home safely in the comfort of home.

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